howitworks_iconOur process produces excellent original fur coats:


design Select a Design

We have a collection of designs to give you some ideas. We can adjust any of them to your liking.
Also, if you have an idea for a unique fur garment, we can create it for you.



measure Taking Measurements

We custom fit the garment for the best possible experience.


canvas_fitting Canvas Fitting

We create a canvas outline of the garment set to your fit. Using the canvas design we can refine the fit and design.



select_fur Select the Fur

We work with any fur including Sable, Black Velvet Chinchilla and the finest in Blackglama natural pelts.



tailoring Hand-Crafted Artistry

With 40 years of experience we create a magnificent custom garment just for you.

handcraft fur coats


For more about the process or to discuss your project, feel free to contact us any time.