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For over 40 years we have been creating hand-crafted made to measure fur coats of the highest quality in the world.

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Toronto fur coat quality The Highest Quality Pelts

Chris Anthopoulos personally selects and purchases only the highest quality pelts directly from the auction houses. This is extremely rare these days as most fashion houses purchase through third parties.


yukonfur-variety_of_furs The Widest Selection

Choose from any type of fur, including Sable, Black Velvet Chinchilla and the finest in Blackglama natural pelts. Each pelt is certified with a unique authorized number.



fur coat expert workmanship Excellent Workmanship

* A natural talent and passion for fur
* 40 years experience in the business
* Winner of the American Legend fur design award
Our goal is to satisfy the most demanding customer.


one of a kind fur coats Toronto One of a Kind Designs

Every garment is unique, tailored just for you, and includes a Yukon Fur Certificate Of Authenticity that is numbered and signed by Chris Anthopoulos, Master Furrier.

Yukon Fur Certificate of Authenticity


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!



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