Fur Coat Repairs, Alterations & Remodeling

We inspect each garment and estimate how much work is required with no obligation. The repairs, alterations or remodeling of furs are made in our on-location workshop downtown Toronto by our expert team to ensure the highest possible quality results.


Remodeling designs

There are many design changes that can jazz up your fur coat or jacket. Often older fur coats are heavy and bulky but we can bring new life to your fur coat, make it lighter and fashionable.

Beyond the new design and using your existing fur material, we also have many other fur pieces that can be used to mix with your old coat to create something new and exciting.

Improving comfort

Often people look to remodel their fur coat to make it more comfortable to wear. For example, to make it easy to get in and out of a car with a long coat by shortening it just enough but not too much. We also do custom re-sizing of fur coats for best fit, along with the new design. We often add detachable hoods or other pieces as needed.

Fur Cleaning

It is recommended to clean your fur coat once or twice a year to keep the natural look of the fur and remove any dirt or oils that could accumulate over the year. When you store your fur coat with us you can save on fur cleaning.

Contact us to discuss options and pricing to repair or alter your coat.


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