Striking styles Schnarre attention

The Canadian Jewish News
Thursday, June 30, 1988

Young Toronto designer Tu Ly, who has ridden a wave of success since graduating from Ryerson in 1987, evoked a warm response for his striking burgundy dresses, constructed of an interesting fabric with a woven brocade.

Stephen Caras, whose iridescent floral jacket was a fashion story in itself, won applause for his black and gold creations loaded with details – cascading layers of gold-trimmed ruffles had a pleasing effect.

Two prominent men’s wear manufacturers, Warren K. Cook Ltd. and Cambridge Clothes, presented their evening tuxedo looks. A fleet of about 15 male models presented the fashions, looking like the usher contingent for a Lastman wedding.

For the more adventurous man, Michal Tong’s sophisticated, street-smart designs in solid black and navy looked sharp.

Pat McDonagh was responsible for some of the more interesting outfits featured at the show. Her floor-length solid black gown with huge uplifted white collar brought back memories of The Flying Nun.

Another of McDonagh’s fanciful creations was an elaborate white female mink coat designed for Yukon Furs. The one-of-a-kind coat also carries a one-of-a-kind price tag – $40,000.

On the more practical side, McDonagh’s solid white gown with braided green and white trillium arrangement was one of the hits of the show.

Dominic Bellissimo’s sumptuous suede dresses in unusual shades of blue, green and mauve painted a pretty picture.

Designs by Elen Hendreson and Elvira Vali, charmingly presented by some very professional little girls, quickly won over the audience.

Never one to miss a good photo opportunity, Reagan drew a round of applause when she leaned over the runway to pick up a piece of jewelry dropped by one of the models, and then presented it to her on her way back down the runway.

Reagan wore a black and red floral print dress with a black shawl, while Mila Mulroney shone in a white, yellow and green floral design.

The only male seated in the front row with the spouses was David Peterso, looking tanned and somewhat bored. His wide Shelley wore a Pat McDonagh-designed light green dress.

Also in attendance were Dennis and Margaret Flynn, Brenda and Art Eggleton, and Mote Kwinter and his wife Wilma, who wore a Winston Kong ensemble.

The show, presented by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Technology, ended on a warm note, as each of the spouses was presented with a bouquet of roses by one of the child models, who executed their practiced curtseys with aplomb.